He did what?!

I’m sitting here watching America’s Got Talent live from Radio City Music Hall. Among the acts are several great singers, a couple of comedians, a magician named Piff wearing a dragon costume, and a dance team named Freelusion whose routine included laser graphics and special effects – one of which was so realistic that Howie Mandel came out of his seat ready to run.  My heart went into my throat when a man named Uzeyer Novruzov, whose act consisted of climbing a 12-foot free-standing ladder and balancing on it, fell from the very top of the ladder while trying to slip a hoop under his shoe. Fortunately, he was not badly injured. A couple of weeks earlier he had climbed the highest he ever had, to 18 feet, with no incident, but that night involved no hoops, only balancing. For the life of me I will never understand the next act called The Professional Regurgitator. I had seen his schtick on the auditions and was honestly surprised to see he made it to the live rounds. The first time I saw him he swallowed a bunch of coins and brought them back up one by one. Tonight he swallowed some smoke, then drank some dish soap and water and proceeded to blow bubbles from his mouth. Then he blew a big bubble using his hand and filled it with half of the smoke he ingested. Finally, he swallowed a whole egg to supposedly get the rest of the smoke to come out then brought the egg back up. He then cracked the egg to show that it was a raw egg! To me his whole act is just gross and disgusting.

But words fail me to describe tonight’s last act of a ventriloquist who transformed Howie Mandel into a human ventriloquist dummy. Oh, my sides! The expressions on Howie’s face! The audience and other judges were laughing hysterically. See for yourself in this clip from AGT.

(9/16/2015) UPDATE: Paul Zerdin won AGT Season 10 on tonight’s finale. It came down to him and a stuttering comic named Drew Lynch, both great acts. I do have to give props to the Professional Regurgitator for swallowing the lid to a film canister followed by a live goldfish (with water) and finally the film canister with water in it. He stated his intention to produce the film canister with the fish inside and the lid on tight – and he did!

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