The Importance of Cursive Writing

As with many school districts across the United States, our local school districts no longer teach cursive writing. The reasoning is that because today’s children grow up using computers there is no need for them to know how to write in cursive. But I got a reminder today of something that has occurred to me before about this issue, and I feel it is something school leaders should give thought to.

Being a proud, and loud, Texan, I follow a Facebook page called “Traces of Texas”. The admin started the page to educate people on Texas history. Usually, the pictures shared by readers are of their ancestors in Texas settings, maybe a beautiful photo of bluebonnets, a sunset, etc., or just a funny sign they saw. But one of today’s posts was about the admin getting the opportunity to view some historical documents at the UT Briscoe Center for American History in Austin. The photos he shared made me think, again, of why cursive writing is important.

Riddle me this: If today’s children don’t learn cursive, how will they be able to read historical documents such as these shown below?

Letter written by President Andrew Jackson to General Morgan on January 8, 1815. Jackson wrote the letter on the last day of the Battle of New Orleans, which made Jackson a national hero and eventually catapulted him to the Presidency.

















And these documents are just a small part of Texas’ history! What about America’s history? The thrill of seeing the original Declaration of Independence isn’t the same unless you are actually able to read the document.

What happens when they are tracing their family history? Oh, they’ll just look at them on the computer? It would be impossible to transcribe all documents everywhere. Sure, the documents could be scanned in, but if they can’t read cursive . . .

In the long run the children of this generation will lose something very important by not being taught cursive writing. By the time the next generation matriculates, they’ll have no idea how to read cursive, and that could prove costly to them in untold ways.

[Special thanks to “Traces of Texas”on Facebook for sharing these documents with us.]


One thought on “The Importance of Cursive Writing

  1. It *kills* me that they’re getting rid of this. For one thing, multiple studies in education show how important it is for logging and recalling information that one physically write it down (not just type it). For another, signatures are the unique way of distinguishing one person from another, but electronic signatures flatten out the individual personality, making us all the same. Hell, even handwriting analysts solved crimes on the basis of our unique penmanship. Keep fighting the good fight to keep cursive alive. Even if the school doesn’t, I’ll be teaching my daughter that lost art!

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