Words Versus Actions

Since I was too busy today to really work on a post, I thought I would share a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels. Josh Paler Lin is a young Asian man who rocketed to YouTube stardom last December when he posted a social experiment video about giving $100 to a homeless man and what the man did with the money. While it stirred up a lot of controversy about whether the video was fake, this young man often does social experiments. He also does prank videos, most of which are hilarious—my favorite was when he tried to prank his grandma and got pranked instead. He gets a bit raunchy for my tastes at times but I just don’t watch those all the way through. So without further ado, I give you Josh’s social experiment on how people act when nobody is watching. (I watched his “behind the scenes” video for this one and he really worked hard to get this story done.)


One thought on “Words Versus Actions

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