A Photographer Edits Out Our Smartphones . . .

I came across this Freshly Pressed Quartz blog and thought it was interesting and relevant to how we live our lives. It’s one of those stories that doesn’t need a lot of words, just the pictures. A photographer “edits out” the smartphones and tablets in the pictures and shows us just how strange and lonely our world is becoming. I do believe he missed a great statement opportunity, though, by not photographing a driver with a “removed” phone.

Some of the pictures make me sad, especially seeing the kids and knowing that it would be better for them to be outside playing or reading a book or almost anything other than spending hours playing games on tablets. As adults we are definitely not setting good examples when it comes to the excessive time spent on smartphones and tablets.

We need to set a better example by scaling back our use of smartphones and tablets and start spending more time doing things together, whether it’s a walk, a football game, or just board games. Sit down as a family for supper, or go on a picnic, just be together as a couple or family and learn how to actually talk to each other. I am trying to unplug more, which usually means setting my phone on silent and only checking periodically for messages or if I see a flashing light. Nobody can have a private conversation any more when they are in public and don’t even try to keep their voice down. I’ve heard things about people that I wish my ears had not received.

Source: A photographer edits out our smartphones to show our strange and lonely new world


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