A Gathering of Amazing Photos

Have you ever come across a photo on flickr or another photo-sharing site that just takes your breath away? I have one photographer in particular whom I follow on flickrTrey Ratcliff currently resides in New Zealand and takes people on photowalks all around the world. He also makes some special trips to places the average person can’t go. He shares some of these photos on flickr under the name stuckincustoms. He also has a blog: Stuckincustoms. There are millions (billions?) of photos shared every day on the internet, but I’ve gotten particularly fond of Trey’s work.

I get weekly updates from flickr on new photos from Trey and others; most of them interesting, some of them astonishing and others just breath-taking. Then I end up sitting for a while just looking at photos. I thought I would experiment with putting images in a gallery format by sharing some of Trey’s work with you. The captions are what Trey put on the pictures (except I put the place in parentheses when known). All of these photos are from stuckincustoms on flickr and are licensed under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/


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