Bad Parenting or Good Lesson?

If more parents did what this couple did, aside from airing it on TV, maybe we would have fewer troubled kids and a lot less graffiti. I have always felt sorry for latchkey kids and the parents that are physically present but don’t give a damn what their kids do. I feel that so many problem kids act out because they feel bad attention is better than no attention. I have also had young people tell me they were just trying to find a place where they fit in.

Parents Publicly Punish Daughter for Graffiti


2 thoughts on “Bad Parenting or Good Lesson?

  1. Yeah, I don’t know. I agree with the parents making the daughter clean it up, but turning the situation into a viral shaming? I don’t know that I believe in that tactic. Of course, I’m not quite there yet, and if my 6 month old figures out how to work a can of spray paint, I’ve got bigger problems ahead.


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