The Runaway, Part Four

the runaway

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On the second day, the waitress took her to the ER where a doctor told her she had a kidney infection. Then he gave her a gray and green capsule and told her to return in ten days. The capsule worked quickly so she felt better in a couple of days.

Before the ten days were up, the waitress told the young woman that she couldn’t stay with them any longer. Her boss, however, offered to let her move into his home in exchange for housekeeping. Since she wasn’t able to resume her trip for a while yet, she accepted the offer…to her later regret.

The old man never made any demands on her, and she was free to come and go as she pleased. He wasn’t a mean man, but he was a gin drunk and drank himself into a stupor every evening. The house reeked of gin and no matter how hard she tried, the smell wouldn’t go away. She had never had an alcoholic beverage and after living with that smell she doubted she would ever drink.

That all changed the night an older man asked her on a date. Flattered at the attention she agreed to the date. On their first date he took her to a country western dance club. She was a little overwhelmed with the noise level and the darkness of the club, but she didn’t want to wuss out and ask her date to take her “home” or somewhere else. Maybe this would be fun after all.

When her date found out she had never had an alcoholic drink, he persuaded her that it wasn’t that bad. He suggested she try a whiskey sour, and she agreed. She didn’t want her date to think she was a wet blanket. The whiskey sour had an interesting, not unpleasant, taste. By the time she had a couple more, she was beginning to relax and enjoy herself.

She got brave enough to get out on the dance floor, even though the only dancing she had ever done was at a couple of parties when she was in junior high, and that dancing didn’t need body contact. It was uncomfortable to her at first, but her date taught her the basics of country dancing and how to let him lead. Ultimately, she enjoyed the evening and accepted when asked for a second date.

They never went anywhere but to the dance club, but she never thought anything of it. She had fun, she wasn’t sitting in that gin-reeking house with the old man and until one fateful night, she never got drunk, just buzzed. They had been on a half-dozen dates when one night when she stepped outside for some air. An older woman approached her and stated that if she didn’t stay away from her husband, she would “beat the crap” out of her. She thought the woman had her mixed up with somebody else until the woman mentioned her date’s name—Floyd.

Furious, she went back inside and told her date (who never wore a wedding band) what had happened and asked if the woman was telling the truth. He admitted that he had lied, by omission, but a lie nonetheless and said they would have to find somewhere else to go in the future. To her dismay, Floyd told her that his wife actually had assaulted another woman for the same reason. Their argument was loud enough that some people nearby overheard the “discussion”. Floyd wanted to take her somewhere else but she refused and informed him she was never going out with him again. When a young man nearby stepped in and offered to take her home when she was ready, she gladly turned her back on Floyd and followed him across the room to another table where he was sitting with a friend. And she had a few more drinks.


Trouble in a glass

Trouble in a glass


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