The Runaway, Part Five

the runaway

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The young men’s names were Michael and Philip. She danced and drank with them until last call, ignoring the attempts by Floyd to talk to her. By that point, although she didn’t realize it, her judgment was seriously impaired. As the club emptied, they walked outside and stood talking for a few minutes. She admired Philip’s car, a brand new dark green Mustang. They convinced her to go with them to eat before taking her home. Philip tossed his keys to Michael and told him to drive, that he was going to sit in the back seat with her.

Philip’s hands almost immediately began to roam all over her body and she repeatedly pushed them away from going under her blouse or skirt. She told him NO repeatedly but he didn’t stop. Finally, Philip told Michael to pull over. In the dark it was impossible for her to tell where they were. When he forcefully pushed her down on the back seat and reached under her skirt to pull down her panties her internal alarms went off and she realized he was about to rape her.

Her flight or fight instinct kicked in and she began to fight him with all her strength. In the confines of the back seat it was difficult to move, but she screamed and kicked as he continued to assault her. Terrified as she was she still heard Michael when he told Philip to stop, that it was a stupid bet. Yes, Philip had bet Michael that he could rape a woman.

Now, as well as being terrified, she was extremely pissed! She fought even harder. She scratched at his face and arms, tried to draw her legs up to kick him and kept screaming. Philip finally gave up, and with a disgusted tone told her to get dressed, she wasn’t worth the trouble. Climbing out of the back seat while zipping up his jeans, he got in the driver’s seat while Michael walked around to the front passenger seat.

She didn’t know what they were going to do now, but Philip started driving away before she could get herself together and get out of the car. She now felt almost sober and feared they were going to take her somewhere and kill her. To her relief, they drove her downtown and told her to get out. Philip suggested she go home and sober up. He talked like everything was okay and he would see her in a day or two at the club. Was he daft?!?

Crying and hysterical, she started walking towards “home” because she didn’t have the money for a taxicab. As she neared a restaurant she noticed a police car sitting out front. The officers weren’t in the car so she waited for them to return and told them about the attempted rape. Now that she knew was truly safe, shock began to set in.

TO BE CONTINUED . . . . . .in Part Six – The Last Part

police car night2


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