Oversharing versus Authenticity: A Memoir Blogger’s Dilemma | Kelsey L. Munger

I’m reblogging the following because it is one of the dilemmas I face, not that I am specifically a memoir blogger. But a large part of my intent in starting a blog was to have a place to write about my past and to heal. At the same time, I’ve been hesitant to write much for fear of family stumbling onto it (I don’t link to my personal Facebook, but still) and getting riled up.

The concern about my family is also why I won’t use my full name, but have hidden behind a “handle” or pseudonym. After the first of the year, however, my blog will be “remodeled”, although it will still be on WordPress, and I will be a shade closer to being less anonymous. The posts from this blog will be exported to the new one and I will definitely be following all of the people I do now.

Does anyone else have such issues as these? What other advice might you add to what Kelsey wrote?

via Oversharing verses Authenticity: A Memoir Blogger’s Dilemma | Kelsey L. Munger.


4 thoughts on “Oversharing versus Authenticity: A Memoir Blogger’s Dilemma | Kelsey L. Munger

  1. I think Kelsey did a great job at explaining things! I too have the same dilema at times. Writing is such good therapy for me, but there are things that are just meant for my journal not for my blog. I have found the best way for me to have an emotional outlet from the pain I may be going through or have gone through is to use allegory’s. I will give an example. This past Spring and Summer I went through a VERY HARD time and my posts tell that story, BUT the story isn’t detailed in any way. You can tell I am going through a hard time and I hope you feel the emotions of my words, but my privacy is still intact. If you want to check out what I mean here is a list of posts to look for.. Just type them in the search bar. When Love Whispers at Night, The Dance ( The 2nd one that comes up, I had forgotten I had did another post by the same title.) Until the Curtain Falls, The Power of the Sun, The Race, and The Tale of the Mud and the Car. I think you just have to do what you feel comfortable with and that is gonna be different for everyone. Yes, I believe that there is a danger in writing too much, BUT…I believe if you are aware of that, you won’t do it. Cheering you on and hoping 2016 can be a year of blessings for you!!

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