Surprising Discovery and a Poem

This evening, as I searched for something else in my files, I found a folder I had completely forgotten about labeled Story Ideas. Inside I found lots of newspaper clippings from the 1990s along with one partly written short story/novella and lots of notes for stories. The folder included about 20 pages of notes for a book on Hurricane Katrina’s aftereffects and the rough outline for another story that could be fleshed out into a book, after a great deal of research.

What an eye-opener going through that folder has been. I spent a couple of hours reading what I had written and realized that at one time I had begun to dream again of writing something worth reading. We shall see where this road takes me over the next few months.

In the meantime, I decided I wanted to share with you one of the poems I wrote in high school. Once you have read the poem, feel free to comment and let me know what you think the poem is about.

 * * *

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra in his first season in 1913

Leopold Stokowski and the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1913 – Photo courtesy of


As the sun and its myriad of colors disappears,
And the twilight deepens to darkness,
I hear my orchestra begin to play —
My 1,000 musicians of darkness.

They play a song unknown to man
Though all but the deaf have heard it.
Though they play in perfect unison,
Their song never was and never shall be written.

It is a song that tells of faraway places and faraway things.
It is a tale of many births and deaths,
Of love and hate, and of happiness and sorrow.
It is the story of earth’s beginning and its future end.

Their song tells of everything on earth;
To be sung, but never understood.
They are the wisest ones on earth,
My 1,000 musicians of darkness.

 * * *

I am publishing this poem exactly as written by me in 1968.
It is my intellectual property and is not for use anywhere without my permission.
Please be respectful of my wishes as I would be of yours.


4 thoughts on “Surprising Discovery and a Poem

  1. Beautiful poem, I believe its about secrets that only your heart knows and the wise musicians of darkness. Things that you don’t understand the Why to. Thanks for sharing! Go for it in writing a book, I told my hubby that is my resolution! So great that you found that folder, a sign to encourage you in following your dream.

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