My Cabin in the Woods Dream

We were far from financially wealthy when I was growing up and we never concerned ourselves with trying to keep up with the Jones’ or anybody else’s lifestyle. I’m not saying we weren’t sometimes envious when we saw classmates with the latest fashion trend — bell bottoms, hip huggers, Nehru jackets — but we concentrated more on the day-to-day tasks of survival.

As an adult, I’ve certainly dreamed of hitting it big in the lottery so I could not only pay off my own bills but take care of my siblings and mother (who, sadly, is no longer on this earth). Down deep, though, having grown up in the country, I’ve always had another dream for myself.

 * * * * * *

Given the money, I would buy a 2-bedroom cabin on a lake or river at the edge of a forest. One wall in the living room Cabin-in-the-woods-beside-lakewould have a rock face with a fireplace in the center. On the south wall, I would put sliding or folding glass doors.

My master bedroom would have a bay window with a cushioned window seat for sitting and reading or just watching nature. I can picture myself sitting there watching a thunderstorm raging outside, too. An en-suite bathroom with a step-in tub and a shower with a rain shower head would be a must for my aging body.

At the back of the house, and maybe around to the side, I would put an enclosure for my cats to enjoy the outdoors without being at risk from wild animals.

There would be a deep, partly covered, front porch/deck with room for a couple of rocking chairs and some potted plants. It would be nice to sit out there, sipping a glass of sweet iced tea while watching a gentle rainfall or fog sitting over the water. The cabin should face west so I could watch the sunset (I am not a morning person!) and have enough frontage to avoid flooding. I would also want a small platform out over the water with room for a couple of chairs for sitting and fishing.

I wouldn’t mind having a small patch of land cleared for growing some tomatoes and a few other veggies. I would need two or three galvanized trash cans for storing deer corn and bird seed.

I think it should go without saying that, while I would enjoy the scenery and solitude, being within 20-30 minutes of shopping and medical care would be a necessity, yet not be difficult for invited people to find me.

 * * * * * *

What would you do if you had the money? What would be your luxury item of choice?

5 thoughts on “My Cabin in the Woods Dream

  1. We already live in the country, with garden room and woods. But with extra money we wouldn’t have a mortgage to pay and could build a studio with a sales floor and separate studio rooms dedicated to our different projects and possibly give lessons to others.
    (No I don’t play the lottery either) Like your pictured dream home!

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  2. OH man, sounds wonderful! My husband and I always have dreamed of a log cabin also! So did you buy a Powerball ticket? LOL! Just had to ask since you mentioned the lottery, made me think of it.


  3. Sounds idyllic Barb. You paint a great picture – I like that you have even thought about the cats! 🙂
    There is something a bit dreamy and mystical with woods and forests I think. I’ve always fancied having a little holiday in them to spend the time writing and with the dogs, not a dream my OH shares so probably never going to happen, but I can still hope. KL ❤

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  4. this sounds wonderful. I have a cabin by the ocean. Three tiny bedrooms. Outdoor shower. Outdoor fireplace.1 acre. Lots of trees. Twenty minutes to towns. The luxury bathroom and cat enclosure sound good, though.


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