What ~ Two in One

In an effort to improve my writing skills and work my brain a little more, I decided to participate (at least try to) in more of the writing challenges shared on here.

This week, Linda G Hill is using one word as a prompt for both this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS) and the Just Jot it January (JusJoJan) for the 16th. Below is my attempt to slay two birds with one stone.

 * * * * * *

What more did he expect of her? She had followed his every order, even when it meant only getting three-four hours sleep each night. She had spent a month now researching, typing, organizing and preparing binders for THE final meeting to determine if they would get the certification from JCAHO that would allow them to expand their business. If they didn’t get this certification, the company might go under and she, along with 140+ other employees, would be out of work.

She shuddered at just the prospect of having to get back into the job market. Once more she checked to be sure there were enough binders, notepads and pens for each person scheduled to be at the meeting. The caterer was setting up the buffet at the end of the room and pouring glasses of water for each place. What was she forgetting? Anything? Oh, the agenda!

Rushing back to her desk, she quickly printed out the agenda and made copies. Just as she placed the last copy on the table, people began to come in for the meeting. Her boss was the last one to enter. He perused the room, then nodded at her. Phew! She was free — for now.

If all went well in the meeting, they would get their certification and another rat race would start, but it wouldn’t be as crazy as the last month had been. If they got the certification, maybe she would get the promotion she wanted. As people filed out of the meeting she tried to read the faces, especially her boss’s to get some idea of how the meeting had gone. You would think they were all judges, so stone-faced were all of the attendees.

When she looked to her boss, he shrugged and gave her a “we’ll see” wiggle of his hand and went into his office. With a sigh, she picked up her handbag, checked to be sure she had her phone, and went home. She was tempted to stop for a drink but she was worn out and frazzled and just wanted to crawl into bed and sleep for 24 hours. She knew that she had done all she had been asked to do and it was just up to the JCAHO to make their determination. As she drifted off to sleep, she had one final thought: when?

socs-badge-2015 JusJoJan

Six Word Story: Amusement

This week’s the Six Word Story challenge is… Amusement.

He laughed. She slapped. He left.

she slapped him

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