The Barfly’s Tale

FFAW week 48 challenge

In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you Etol Bagam for the photo prompt. And thanks to Priceless Joy for providing the platform to stretch my writing skills.

Cathy squirmed in her chair as she surveyed the empty room. It held secrets she wasn’t sure she wanted to know, but she had agreed to be hypnotized so she could get the answers she needed.

Dr. Dailey’s voice was soft and calm as she spoke in a steady tone. Gradually, Cathy relaxed until all she was aware only of Dr. Dailey’s voice.

Suddenly, she could hear music, laughter, and the sound of billiard balls as they smacked into each other. She excused herself to visit the ladies’ room and asked her friend to grab the table if the game finished before she returned.

During their game, she began to feel sick and asked her friend to take her home.

Dr. Dailey continued to take her through that night to the next morning when she had woken in her bed, naked and sore.

And she remembered!

She didn’t understand how her friend could drug and rape her, but at least now she knew who to sue for child support.


4 thoughts on “The Barfly’s Tale

    • Thank you. It was my first shot at flash fiction and it took a while for me to get it down within the guidelines. It sure is fun and is helping me refresh my writing skills, not to mention showing me that I do still have a brain. LOL


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