One Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan

free country meme

When I saw this week’s One Liner Wednesday prompt I decided, not so surreptitiously, to combine it with Just Jot it January. The point of using this meme is the fact that many people today seem to believe that “it’s a free country” gives them leave to act any way they want and then justify their actions on the basis of religious beliefs, child abuse, drug abuse or any of a number of other reasons. While they are correct that living in a free country gives them the right to speak and act freely without restraint, it does not mean without consequences. Our justice system, as well as our citizenry and immigrants, need to get that straight. I want America back!!!!


3 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday and JusJoJan

  1. Indeed, you hear the phrase thrown around as if it encompasses anything anyone wishes to do and get away with. This is an excellent point to bring up. Thank you for making part of JusJoJan and One-Liner Wednesday. 😀

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