What Holds Me Up


I have struggled with depression for a very long time and it is only because of my faith and God’s faitfulness to me I am still alive. My mother took me to church at a young age, enrolled me in Vacation Bible School, and generally made sure that I learned about Jesus Christ.

I’ve vacillated a couple of times over the years about whether I needed to actually attend church, but I’ve always been secure that my faith would get me through all the fires of life. Not that I am in danger of forgetting, but I have two talismans of my faith that I wear constantly — a malachite cross and a “crown of thorns” ring.

Crown-of-Thorns-Ring Marcasite-Filigree-Cross-Necklace

This is for the weekly Daily Post Photo Challenge to show something you’re optimistic about, or perhaps a talisman that helps you stay positive and hopeful, regardless of what life (and the weather!) throws your way.


6 thoughts on “What Holds Me Up

  1. Sometimes, its the faith in the Almighty that helps us get through tough times. Good that you have two ornaments to remind you of his love for you. I like the pendant cross a lot. Its beautiful. Also the ring .. quite different than other rings I’ve seen. I’ve seen crosses as pendants but never a ring like this.
    Thanks for the follow.

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    • I came across the ring 10+ years ago in a small Christian bookstore. It was the only one they had and it fit my ring finger so I felt it was meant for me and splurged. It is only in the last couple of years they’ve been relatively easy to find.


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