FFftAW #50 – Gotcha!

FFfAW #50 - Gotcha!

“For rich people, these folks sure have let their property fall apart,“ thought Eddie as he waited and watched.

In his gut, he knew the Amos couple had filed a false claim for “stolen” jewelry. He had watched them for two weeks, trying to catch them wearing some of the jewelry. He knew they’d been invited to attend a ritzy charity event this evening benefitting the local children’s home. If he was going to catch them wearing the jewelry, it would be today. If he didn’t, Dickens Insurance would have to pay the claim.

As the automatic gate rolled back, he picked up his camera and zoomed in. Damn! No jewelry.

Eddie sighed and prepared to put his camera away. Then he noticed the car pull to the curb. The driver got out of the car, looked around, reached into the plants in front of their property wall, and pulled out a small bag.

As the man dumped jewelry into his hands, Eddie grinned and clicked away.


{This was written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – Week of January 26, 2016. Thanks to Priceless Joy for providing the challenge and to Sonya @ Only 100 Words for providing the inspiring picture.}

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