FFFTPP Wk 4 – Enough is Enough

“Enough is enough!” thought Jamey as he stood in front of his locker with green slime dripping down his face and shirt.

He knew who was pulling these pranks on him, Billy Castan, and it was time to stop him.

After football practice, Jamey dawdled long enough for Billy and his buddies to leave the locker room and head for their cars.

Billy always parked at the far end of the gravel lot to keep gravel from being kicked up by other cars and damaging the paint on his precious ’57 Chevy Bellaire. He didn’t seem to hear Jamey behind him.

Just as Billy reached for his car door, Jamey quietly said, “Hey, Billy.” Startled, Billy turned around and paled when he saw Jamey standing there with a gun. “Now, now… “ Billy stuttered as Jamey raised the gun.

As Jamey walked to this car he thought, “That should have scared him enough to stop his pranks.”

The lead EMT shook his head as they loaded the stretcher into the ambulance. “I’ve never heard of a young man dying from fright at the sound of a starter pistol.”

{This is my entry for Week #4 of Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner.}

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