FFftPP #6 – Oh, Deer!

Clark jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Geez, man, you’re awfully jumpy,” his friend Jack said. “You feeling guilty about something?”

“No, that deer head on the wall gives me the willies. I keep expecting it to start talking.”

Jack laughed. “What do you expect it to say? ‘You lookin’ at me?'”

“How did that thing end up on your wall, anyway?” Clark asked.

“It’s from the only hunting trip I ever went on. An old classmate of mine was a hunter and had been after me for a long time to go with him on his annual hunting trip and I finally did.”

“You didn’t like hunting, huh?”

“I liked hunting okay; I just didn’t have the heart to go again after my classmate died on the trip.”

Clark winced, thinking me and my big mouth. “Sorry to hear that, mate.”

“Thanks. Now, are you going to deal or keep jawing?” Jack said.

As he sat down, Jack glanced at the antlers that were still tinged with the blood of his old classmate. It was a good thing the deer head couldn’t talk.

Best $20 he ever spent at a garage sale.

This was written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, Week #6. This is a weekly writing challenge of 200 words or less using both a photo prompt and an opening sentence/topic. Why don’t you “hop” on over and view some of the other stories then try your own hand at the challenge?

Click on the Blue Frog to read other stories.


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