FFfAW #52 – The Gift

FFfAW #52 - The Gift

As Jenny reached for the coffeepot, she noticed the note on the handle.

I’ve gone to play golf with Bud, but I haven’t forgotten it’s Valentine’s Day. Follow the clues to get your gift. You’ll find the first clue at the red bench where we met.

Intrigued, she quickly dressed and left the house. When she reached their red bench, she found a small card taped underneath. The card read your next clue is at Betty’s.

At Betty’s Cupcake Heaven, a young woman holding a heart-shaped cupcake greeted her. “You must be Jenny,” she said, then handed her the cupcake and said, “Enjoy.”

When Jenny bit into the cupcake she felt the piece of paper hidden within. The instructions inside read your gift is waiting for you at Watson’s Flowers.

Interesting way to give me flowers, she thought, but shrugged and drove to Watson’s.

When she opened the door of the flower shop, her heart nearly stopped. There, standing beside her husband and holding a dozen roses, was their son, back from Afghanistan.

I wrote this for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers #52. Thanks to Ady for the photo prompt and to PricelessJoy for providing the forum. Click on the blue frog to read more stories.



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