FFftPP #7 – Twins

FFftPP #7 - Black Lab

Alina hurried to answer the door before the sound of the doorbell woke the baby.

There on her porch stood a gorgeous, long-haired blonde with two little ones by her side.

Forgetting about the sleeping baby, Alina hollered, “Joe, get your sorry ass in here now!”

Joe came in from the bedroom and barked at her, “What do you want!?” Then he saw the visitors.

“I hope you don’t think those two are mine,” Joe protested. “I was telling the truth about not chasing women.”

“You liar! They look like you, just as the others did!”

“For the thousandth time, I promise you, it wasn’t me!” Joe declared.

Before Alina could toss Joe out the door, his twin brother Jack came in from the back of the house. “Hey, Joe, why don’t we . . .” His words trailed off as he caught sight of the blonde.

One of the little ones wobbled over to Jack and, looking up at him solemnly, asked “Are you my daddy?” Jack gulped and keeled over in a faint.

Alina sighed, apologized to Joe, and wondered yet again why she had to live on a planet with talking animals.

This was written for Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, Week 7. For more stories from this week, click on the blue frog below.


12 thoughts on “FFftPP #7 – Twins

  1. I agree with jademwong: It makes the second read especially fun when you get to the worked “barked.” Though it’s a little strange to think of a woman’s dog claiming to not have “stepped out” on her (if I’m reading that correctly).

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  2. Ahaha, love this. I was wondering the whole time as I was reading this what the dog had to do with the story. Then I read your last line, cracked up, and went back to read the whole thing again, this time imagining the dogs as the characters. Fun read!

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