FFfAW – Hot Lick Redemption

burning guitar

Courtesy of Pixabay.com

Oliver sat in a chair with his head in his heads, moaning. The performance hall smelled of burnt wood, varnish, and hot wires. Water was everywhere. All of their band equipment ruined,  And just as they were getting gigs at larger venues.

An officer approached and asked, “Can you tell me what happened here?”

*SIGH* “I honestly don’t know, officer. The rehearsal was flowing smooth as a river over burnished rocks. Billy’s new axe was playing sweet. About two minutes into “Fire Down Below”, that Bob Seger song, we heard a SNAP and saw a FLASH. Next thing I know both the axe and Billy are in flames.”

“You always check your equipment and do your own sound checks, and the equipment never leaves your sight until after rehearsal, correct?”

“Yes. Wait! Are you saying somebody sabotaged our equipment ?”

“We’re just covering all the bases. Accident or sabotage; either way, Billy Lane will never play guitar again.”

A man and woman sat, unseen, at a table in the south corner of the hall. With a wink and a grin, the man handed the woman a paper that read “Contract Fulfilled – One Soul Redeemed”.

I exceeded the word count this week but I just couldn’t get it thinned down and hold the story together.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is sponsored by PricelessJoy.  On Tuesday each week a new photo prompt is posted. All writers interested in the challenge have until the following Monday to complete the story and link up.

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