FFfAW – The Ashes Savior

Photo prompt provided by Louise @ The Storyteller's Abode

Photo prompt provided by Louise @ The Storyteller’s Abode

His heart grew heavier with each step he took. They had found this seldom-visited nook among the ruins of Greece during their honeymoon. They had come back every year on their anniversary. But his Rose had left him a month before their seventh anniversary last year. The doctors had diagnosed the hantavirus too late to save her. Her last wish was for him to scatter her ashes over the sea from their cliff, but he just couldn’t do it last year. He still wasn’t sure he could without following her ashes into the sea.

As he removed the lid from the urn, he heard someone ascending the steps. When he turned around, for just a moment he thought his Rose had returned. Then his vision cleared and he saw a young woman standing there with an urn in her arms.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” she said. “I’ll come back later.”

Smiling, he reached towards her and said, “No, this way neither of them will be alone.”

 * * * * * *

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Three Day Quote Challenge – Day Two

Deb at OnceUponaHotFlash has selected me for a Three Day Quote Challenge. Deb is a new follower I am enjoying following in return. You might want to visit her if you don’t already.

Thank you, Deb, and I look forward to getting better acquainted with you—in between hot flashes.

These are the rules of the challenge:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for 3 consecutive days
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Almost instantly upon being challenged I knew what my “theme” would be: curiosity. I was born with an incessant curiosity. The good thing about that is I’m constantly learning new things. The drawback is spending too many hours in a chair in front of the computer feeding my curiosity. Curiosity in itself is not a bad thing; it is what wards off ignorance. So for my second quote I give you. . .


Today’s nominees are:

  1. WhatSandraThinks
  2. Roger Shipp
  3. PricelessJoy

If you have the time and want to join in the fun, please join in. It is not required. There is no time frame; take it up at your leisure. We will all love seeing what quotes inspire you or appeal to you for some reason.


First Celebrity Crush

Initially, when I saw the Daily Prompt for March 7th, I drew a blank (not such an uncommon thing for me—hahaha) because I couldn’t think of anything sentimental to write about. Then while perusing the titles of other posts, I saw one that made me think of my first teenage celebrity crush. Well, actually there were two: Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. But this song, Julie Do Ya Love Me, by Bobby was always one of my favorites. For some reason, it evokes memories of my one and only trip to California and Disneyland in September of 1970.