Friday Fictioneers – Not Again!

FF - Trash Bin

“What is that ugly thing?” Betty asked as she slipped into the passenger seat..

“Dave had it when we met and he insists it has special powers,” Jackie said with a sigh. “Every time I throw it away, Dave “rescues” it and pitches a fit. This time I’m going to throw it away where he won’t find it.”

Jackie pulled to the curb, picked up the artifact and dropped it into a trash bin. Brushing her hands on her jeans, she got behind the wheel again and drove away.

She didn’t hear the voice issuing from the trash bin. “Damn! Not again!”

Thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields forhosting Friday Fictioneers every week!  Thanks, also, to Emmy L. Gant, for the haunting photo-prompt for this week!


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