Sanders Makes Pollsters Feel The Bern!

Gotta love it!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Poll this! Bernie Sanders stuns Hillary Clinton in the Michigan Presidential Primary despite polls predicting he'd lose by a wide margin!Feel the Bern!

I hope and pray, Modern Philosophers, that Bernie Sanders was thinking those three words last night as he watched the results of the Michigan Democratic Primary slowly roll in over the course of the evening.

Sanders pulled off a stunning upset in the primary after polls repeatedly showed his opponent, Hillary Clinton, to have a massive lead in the state.

His win was so unexpected that he abandoned his Michigan campaign headquarters before the polls closed.

All night long, CNN cut to the poor reporter they’d assigned to cover things live from the abandoned Sanders base.  Every time the camera cut to her, she’d be all alone in a dark, empty room talking about how Bernie’s supporters might have felt had they stuck around to watch and celebrate the results.

Why did Bernie hightail it out of there and not stick around to bask in the glow…

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