101 Words – Slim Pickings by Jon Nixon

Flash Fiction Magazine has an affiliate site called 101 Words. These are, obviously, stories told in 101 words. This story from today caught my attention because it so accurately depicts what happens in many presidential election years, but especially this year. Comments are turned off for this post. If you enjoy the story and wish to comment on it, let the author know by clicking here.


Slim Pickings

Allowing himself a moment of reflection in the dawn’s early light, he tidied his unruly hair. The land of the free was almost in his grasp: the home of the brave ready to vote him in.

He didn’t have Kennedy’s looks, and he certainly didn’t have the brains of Adams, nor could he be as popular as Reagan, but he believed.

He grinned indulgently straightening his tie. Swathes of the populous would elect a cartoon character if it told them what they wanted to hear.

Confidently, he fed on their desperation…their apathy.

The nervous world could only watch and wait.

— Jon Nixon