FFftPP #13 – The Wrong Light

FFftPP #13

Lettie groaned as she drove, thinking of the day’s meetings. She hadn’t even had time to stop and eat. But the day had finally endedĀ and she was halfway through her 45-minute commute home and a glass of wine and bed.

When she started feeling drowsy she turned on the radio in the hope rock music would help her stay alert.

Lettie felt someone touch her shoulder and she jumped. A gentle voice told her “Don’t move, ma’am. They’ll have you out of here in a minute and an ambulance is on the way.”

Who will have me out of where? Why is an ambulance coming? And what is making all that confounded racket? Why does my head hurt so much?

She heard the sound of rending metal, then hands were lifting her and putting her on a flat surface.

“Sargeant, can you tell what caused the crash?” she heard someone ask.

“We can’t be sure until we talk to her, but we think she may have mistaken a blinding light from an oncoming train for another vehicle and swerved. This time of night, if not for the train’s engineer we wouldn’t have gotten to her in time.”

Written forĀ Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner, a weekly writing challenge designed for both the flash fiction newbie and the more experienced writer.

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