The miracle of friendship…

My depression has been pretty bad this last week, partly because of my fibromyalgia and the weather, and I had made up my mind last night to quit blogging. I was feeling overwhelmed, thinking I had bitten off more than I could chew with the A to Z Blogging Challenge, and feeling like it just wasn’t helping me in any way. Then a link to this post showed up through Jacquelyn at Darrel’s message hit home. I feel like God is telling me not to quit. So I’m going to be around for a while.

My Opinionsville

I started out wanting to write a blog about depression, as well as this one, concerning how I feel about my friends in the blogging community…  The two seemed to be intertwined in my mind, which was confusing me about what to say, and when.  So I’ll begin with the most important.  It’s not the volume of friends that I have here that matters to me, it’s the miraculous advancements in my writing, I couldn’t possibly achieve without them!  They are the reason I can hang in, while my depression always says that I can’t!  That would be next to impossible in and of itself…  So you see?  A few loyal friends is way heavier than a multitude of fair weather friends who desert you when you’re at a low point in your live; just the time when you need your friends the most!

They have done more than keep…

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