I’m not sure how, but I made it through my first AtoZ Challenge. And I have some valuable lessons for next year, especially about preparing my posts in advance. I had my theme and almost all of my post topics by the time it started, but I didn’t worry about doing them in advance, and that was a bad decision because Murphy’s Law struck three-fold. I also didn’t take into account how much research and editing time it would take for most of the posts. Admittedly, by the time I caught up enough in the last week to finally get a couple of posts ahead, I was flat worn out and my editing was limited. Anywho, the whole point of this post is that ALL OF US should be celebrating, whether a newbie or veteran.

I will, however, be spending the next week or two catching up with all the posts I had to push aside for lack of reading time.


3 thoughts on “CELEBRATE! We Made It!

  1. I don’t believe it, everyone is posting their Reflection post except me!!!! I need to get going!

    Barb, I know I’ve fallen so much behind, but I will read all your posts. I did write all my post in advance, but – as you said – Murphy’s Law struck me too. The last week of the challenge I was just too warn out. But I’m trying to catch up 🙂

    Congratulation on concluding your first challenge. You seem to have learnt the same things I learned last year with my first challenge. There must be something there 😉

    Do you already have an idea for next year theme? I do. I just don’tknow whether I’m knowledgeable enough on the subject, but hey, I have a year to study.

    I’ll see you around. It was fantastic meeting you.

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    • I’m not sure about next year’s theme. I’m batting around a couple of ideas. It doesn’t have to be something you’re knowledgeable about, just something you’re interested in enough to do the research. That was the case with my theme this year.

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