1970s Marijuana PSA

This is just too funny. I know from experience that you do indeed get the munchies, but the only time they would hallucinate is if they got a joint soaked in cocaine or LSD. This was a very misguided effort to discourage young people. Fat lot of good it did. Yeah, if you use too much of it, it affects your brain, but that’s the people who don’t do anything but smoke and live on welfare. I do believe in the legalization of marijuana (although it’s still cheaper on the streets), especially for medical purposes like treating glaucoma, helping cancer patients and treating severe pain.

Do You Remember? – The Monkees

I was madly in love with Davy Jones from the first time I saw the show in 1966. Some of their old songs, such as Last Train to Clarksville or Daydream Believer are still songs that lift my heart and bring back memories when I hear them. And while I was never an overly avid groupie of any star or musician, something about this particular band lifted my heart. I followed any news stories that popped up over the years about them, especially about Davy.

However, I thought I was going to get to meet Mike Nesmith a few years later. Mike is a native of Houston and we lived in nearby Pasadena. His cousin hired me to babysit several times. Unfortunately, when Mike was in town they always met him at a restaurant or club. Rats!

There are very few celebrity deaths that make me mourn almost as if I had lost a loved one—I was only saddened when Elvis died, but wept when John Wayne passed, but the untimely death of Davy Jones from a heart attack in 2012 was one of those times. It’s nice to see that Mike, Mickey, and Peter still remember and honor their friend, even bringing him on tour with them in a way.