Making America Great

A frightening bit of fiction showing possibilities if Trump becomes president.

The Well of Fiction

Making America Great

Ricardo had watched the acceptance speech of the new President-elect with growing trepidation. Promises of swift retaliation for anyone who criticized his administration signaled the end of the First Amendment. Ricardo was certain more civil liberties would fall at the hands of this madman.

On the day of the President’s inauguration, the protests had turned to riots and violent unrest broke out in various cities in the country. Those who had supported the new President grew emboldened and found that their actions received virtually no consequence from law enforcement. Those with darker shades of skin or the wrong religious beliefs were dragged into the streets and beaten.

Months passed and the rest of the Bill of Rights crumbled. In Austin, where Ricardo lived, a resistance formed. Those who sought to remove the new dictator from power plotted in secret. But a traitor hid among them and the newly formed death…

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