Welcome to Gallimaufry

I’ve made the switch to the new name, as you can see, but I still have some tweaking to do. The header I designed worked well with another theme I had chosen, but not Hemingway Rewritten, so it’s back to the drawing board for my header design. RATS!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Gallimaufry

    • Thanks. I’ve been waiting to see how yours comes out. Are you keeping the name or changing it? I don’t have enough html and css knowledge to do make it really look nice, but I’m trying to design a header image that’s not as generic as what comes with the free themes. Right now I’m waiting for the new .blog domain to become available before I pay for a domain. It does take a lot of time and patience, though.


      • I am kiping the name, I’m very attached to it 🙂
        I think WordPress actually allows a lot of costumisation, even if (like me, eh!) you don’t ahve a lot of knowledge.

        I still have work to do, but I hope to do a good chunk of it over this week end 🙂

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