Hammer Fall

I came across the following poem on the Chronic Pain and Illness group on Facebook. It really spoke towards much of what I deal with and I asked for permission to share it here.
chronic pain

Hammer Fall

Before the next hammer fall,
Let me get my breath,
Allow me to catch up,
Please, let me breath!
It’s been too soon,
This strangle hold tightens,
Pushing me further down,
Further behind,
Making me run,
Only to find myself dragging,
Keelhauled beneath the surface,
A doomed, sinking Titanic,
Why can’t I see an end?
Yesterday is today,
Today, I fear, is tomorrow,
Yet, even if I can gasp,
Put my hand high,
Reach hard, from inside,
I can feel the hope within,
I will see the sun,
Embrace the warmth of life,
And even offer comfort,
To another under the hammer,
And maybe together,
We can endure and lighten,
The hammer fall of pain,
And, in relief,
We can share a smile.

By: Rhonda Law



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