Fall Memories


Thank you, Phylor, for providing this week’s photo prompt!

“Wow! The place hasn’t changed much in all these years.”

“I can’t believe our children are attending the same church camp where we met. Come on, let’s take a walk while the kids get settled in.”

The couple stepped out of the car, joined hands and started strolling across the grounds. “Do you think you can remember which cabin you were in?” she asked as she shivered from a cool breeze.

“Of course, I can. It was Aspen Cottage. How about you?”

“What!? You don’t remember meeting behind Redwood Cottage?” she laughed.

“You bet I do.” He growled as he turned her towards him and leaned in for a kiss.

“EWWWW! Mom! Dad! Do you have to do the mushy stuff here?!?” Two young voices chorused behind them.

The couple grinned at each other and turned to greet the results of their love that began so many years ago under autumn leaves.

(161 words) Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


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