Stormy Weather: A Poem

[NOTE: This was originally published under the title “Storm-Tossed”. My dreaming mind came up with some changes I felt would improve upon the original.]

I haven’t written any poetry since high school – which was a very, very long time ago. However, this poem has been tossing around in my brain so I finally decided to obey and post it. Being me, I had to dress it up with some art. This particular piece is a cut from a

Artwork from Wikimedia Commons by J. M. William Turner, a late 18th-early 19th century painter. This watercolor is called “Bell Rock Lighthouse” and was commissioned by Robert Stevenson in 1819 as a frontispiece for his ‘Account of the Bell Rock Lighthouse’.



10 thoughts on “Stormy Weather: A Poem

  1. Got it this morning. That sure seems to be the progression of life, doesn’t it? I love lighthouses. I got knocked down on the beach at Devil’s Elbow State Park in Oregon when I was six. I couldn’t get up. But through he water I could see Heceta Head Lighthouse to my right. I just kept my eyes on it until my dad got there. It was like God lifting me out of that water. So I get this poem. And unfortunate as it is, there’s always a next time, isn’t there… Lovely poem…

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