SoCS: Miss Katherine and Dana

This week’s prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday (#SoCS) couldn’t have been more timely as I was thinking about posting regarding Miss Katherine and her guide dog, Dana.


Until I learned to drive late in life, I got around by city bus. While living in downtown Fort Worth I rode the bus in the mornings with an older blind black woman named Katherine Brooks and her guide dog, Dana. Miss Katherine worked at The Lighthouse for the Blind caning chairs. Dana was a sweet, but sometimes mischievous, black labrador with eyes every bit as soulful as those of the golden lab in the picture above.

Miss Katherine also had a special skill that I wouldn’t have believed if she hadn’t demonstrated it – she could thread a needle with her tongue. No joke! She did all of her own clothing repairs and adjustments, too. I wish I was able to find the old article from the newspaper to share the picture, but alas, that was pre-internet and I’ve been unable to find it.

As much as I loved Miss Katherine, I adored Dana. She always knew when we had reached their stop at The Lighthouse and as soon as the bus stopped she stood up, ready to go. But I learned quickly to keep an eye on her. She never hesitated when getting on the bus, but if she smelled something tempting in the trash can, you could guarantee she would make a grab for it on the way out the door. I learned the signs and was often able to warn Miss Katherine in advance so she was prepared and didn’t get brought up short when Dana lunged.

One of my most memorable interactions with Dana was the morning that I approached the bus stop and noticed Miss Katherine wrestling with Dana, trying to get something out of her mouth. I can still hear her gravelly voice after I asked her what was wrong. “Oh, she’s got something in her mouth and I cain’t get it away from her.” One look showed me the something was one of those square ketchup tubs used by Whataburger (and other burger joints, I’m sure). I reached down, grabbed the tub on each side and pulled while firmly telling Dana to “let go.” People at the bus stop, not familiar with Dana (and guide dogs in general), were yelling at me, “Lady, that dog’s going to take your arm off!” Miss Katherine and I both got a big laugh out of the incident and the people’s reactions.

SoCS badge 2016-17

If you would like to join in the fun, here are the rules:

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8. Have fun!


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