SoCS – Hot, Hot, Hot

“Something wicked this way comes.

Actually, it’s already here. I live on the coast of SE Texas and normally our May temps are in the upper 80s, but this year they stayed in the pleasant range of the upper 70s. We didn’t even have our usual heavy swarms of June bugs and rice bugs.

Summer solstice came and went and our temps were finally in the upper 80s. We were, foolishly, beginning to think that we were going to have a mild summer. Then July arrived with a furnace. Our mean temps are in the 90s, but with the humidity the heat index is 102-104. Heaven help us when August and September arrive. I can only pray that this will not be a year with a major hurricane.

Written for SoCS, hosted by Linda G Hill

2 thoughts on “SoCS – Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. It’s now 100 here in southern CA – it’s only noon. it’s supposed to be a scorching weekend – and of course, we invited people over late afternoon for a swim…when all we want to is stay in the AC. Crap

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