Love and Death


“It’s really so sad,” Ginger said as she wiped her eyes with a tissue. “He had worked so hard on this project. And it took him so long to get approval from the City to do it!” she wailed. “Now it will serve as a memorial to him.”

“Does anyone know what really happened? He didn’t deliberately jump?” Benny asked.

“NO! He would never do that! He was really excited to see his dream coming to life.”

“Well, sometimes people hide their depression. Maybe this was his last hoorah. I mean, the project was nearing completion so he knew it would happen.”

Ginger hit Benny on the upper arm. “Don’t even think that!”

“Hey, guys,” Ellie said as she approached. “Can you believe Lonnie is gone – snap! – just like that?”

“Do you know what happened?” Ginger asked.

“They said a hawk came swooping down at him and threw him off-balance. They found a nest underneath the ledge.”

[Word count: 157]

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.  Thank you Grant-Sud for the photo prompt.


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