The Missing Piece

“Mère, I’m tired,” the little boy whined as he deliberately dragged his feet and kicked up dust around them. “When will we get there?”

Belle looked down at her son with loving hazel eyes, ruffled his soft red curly hair. “Ah, mon petite, why are you always in such a hurry? However, we are here.”

“But there are only some old steps and a signpost here.”

“Yes, that’s what it looks like, but you must climb the steps to find what we came here for.”

“There’s nothing at the top,” the boy argued.

Belle smiled indulgently and urged her son forward. “You’ll be surprised when you reach the top.”

Reluctantly, the boy stepped forward and began climbing the steps. Belle took one last look to make sure nobody was near and also began the climb. When they reached the top step a castle appeared before their eyes and the door swung open.

Belle put her hands on her son’s shoulders and said, “Prince Adam, may I introduce you to your son, Alexander.”

(172 words)

[NOTE: The premise for this story comes from the story of Beauty and the Beast. My story line is that Belle became pregnant soon after Prince Adam became himself again. Fearing that his son might suffer the same fate he did, Belle and Prince Adam agreed upon his son’s birth that Belle would leave the castle and raise him as a commoner until his 12th birthday. The castle was then hidden from the world by a magic spell until the day that Belle and his son returned. } 

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to J. S. Brand for the photo prompt.

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