JusJoJan – 1/4/18 – Passionate

I often find it interesting what people get passionate about. I’ve seen people get into loud verbal fights over a topic they’re each passionate about, heard of fisticuffs over the same, and all too frequently murder (manslaughter) because someone is so passionate about something they believe they are the only one who is right.

I’m not saying I don’t get passionate about some things, but I’m always willing to listen to the other party’s views. I think sometimes it infuriates people that I do that because I refuse to get in a fight, especially over politics or religion. Sadly, I’ve had people unfriendly me on Facebook because they don’t agree with my stance on a political issue. *Shrug* Their choice.

I do get passionate about my Dallas Cowboys. I have my favorite players, of course, and when they are out of the playoffs (as they are this year) or not in the Superbowl (been too long) as far as I’m concerned football season is over. I’m a true diehard fan, win or lose. But let a troll start bashing my ‘Boys and I’ll wade right in – up to a point. Even then, I acknowledge when I’m helping them achieve their goal of stirring up trouble and I disengage.

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