JusJoJan – 1/18/18 – How Revolting!

You know that old joke about being on a seafood diet: I see food and I eat it? That is not the case for everything for me. I am particularly partial to lasagna and chicken ‘n’ dumplings. But the following foods are so revolting to me that I cannot abide even attempting them.

  1. Liver and onions
  2. Mushrooms (texture issue and past food poisoning event)
  3. Oysters (texture issue)
  4. Eggplant
  5. Fried chicken livers
  6. Sucking the meat out of a crawfish head
  7. Fresh Parmesan (I got burned on this when I ordered nachos in a club owned and operated by a Greek; yep, they were made with Parmesan. Soooo gross!)

Of course, there are other things in life I find revolting (i.e. Donald Trump), but if I get started on that list I may never stop. 🙂 I joke, but honestly, I’m an easygoing person who doesn’t offend as easily as I once did – the advantage of years of experience, I guess.

Written as part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January challenge. Thanks to Sandra  [https://whatsandrathinks.com/] for today’s prompt.

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