About Me

Why did I decide to start blogging? Besides having a forum for sharing my thoughts, I need a place to cut my writing teeth while I refresh my memory on the rules of grammar and re-learn the art of writing a story or poem. I’ve proofed and edited a couple of books, as well as several magazine articles, for a cousin who is an author and she is teaching me about such things as passive voice versus active voice. Sometimes I trip over the smallest things and the grammar checkers help catch the most egregious errors in my writing. I tend to write like I talk or think, but editors say that’s not always correct, even though those self-same editors don’t always agree on some of the grammar rules.

[Warning: non-sequitur] I’ve always loved the sounds of the night, especially in the summer — the chirp of crickets, the burrup of frogs, the click of katydids, the buzz of cicadas, and so much more. But with spring and summer comes a special evening and nighttime visual treasure — fireflies aka lightning bugs. Kids who grow up in the country or near lakes, marshes and streams are quite familiar with the little bugs who flicker on and off. Did you know that if you gather enough fireflies in a jar they emit enough light for reading? Fortunately for the fireflies — adult fireflies live only long enough to mate and lay eggs — most kids only catch them in a jar for a brief time.

What do fireflies have to do with me and my blog, you ask? Well, to put it succinctly, quite often my thoughts flash on and off as quickly as a firefly’s butt. If I don’t write a note as soon as I have an idea it’ll fly away and may not return. If I can find them, I’ve got lots of pieces of paper on my desk with writing prompts. The topics range from current events to my abusive past; from my special interests to social issues.

* * *

I’m not an expert on anything, even myself. I’m fairly open-minded and I am sometimes very vocal about issues/topics that others vehemently disagree with. I’ve always avoided conflict, in life and on the internet, so I normally won’t respond when someone trips one of my triggers with their own stupidity, ignorance or closed-mindedness. It’s far past time for me to grow a backbone, speak out about what’s important to me and not be concerned with whether someone will like me or not based on my opinions.

When I write about my abusive past and family issues I do so in the hopes that not only will it serve as a catharsis for me, but that somebody else will read it and know that they are not alone, that somebody else knows what they’ve been through and how they feel.

I apologize in advance if I occasionally “go off the rails” because I have little patience with government bureaucracy or people’s general idiocy, stupidity (there’s a difference between ignorance and stupidity), lack of common sense, and greed.

* * *

Encouraging others to read and find a new world within books is one of my special interests. I can’t imagine a world without books [there might be a story for me to write]. I’ve been an avid reader since my first visit to a public library at the age of seven. I have held a library card ever since. One library – unsuccessfully – tried to confiscate my card because I had moved to what they considered a “temporary” address (for which they wouldn’t issue cards), but I convinced them to change their minds. It was not an idle threat when I informed the library manager I would contact the newspaper and the AFCLU if they took my card.

As a child and teenager, I would get so immersed in the story I was reading that I wouldn’t even hear when someone called my name — or I would forget to watch a pot of beans on the stove and burn them. As an adult, I can remember getting so into a book that if it was summer in the book, I would forget it was winter outside and start out the door without a coat—at least until I opened the door. I so enjoy the feel and smell of a real book that I resisted buying a Kindle for several years. As much as I enjoy having the Kindle, it will never be able to replace the pleasure of holding a real book in my hands.

 * * *

I am a Loud and Proud native Texan, a progressive Christian, an animal lover—especially cats, and a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan.
I’ll be right here for a long time so I hope you’ll pull up a chair, have a glass of sweet tea and visit a spell. Because there’s one thing I can guarantee — here in Texas we don’t hide crazy, we parade it on the front porch and give it a glass of sweet tea.
Y’all come back now, ya hear?