FFfAW #152 – The Last World

We shouldn’t have gone through that last door, James thought. But we had to make a choice. The beasts were getting closer every minute.

How long had it been since he and Amy went through that door in an abandoned warehouse and found an endless corridor of doors.? However, when they turned around to go back, the original door had disappeared. They began opening random doors hoping to find their way back. But when some terrifying beasts came through one of the doors before they could shut it, they ran until they couldn’t run anymore.

Now they were stranded on a frozen world with the beasts trying to break in. Suddenly, all went quiet.

“Hey, I think they’re gone. Let’s make a break for it. Amy? Amy?”


As he howled at the heavens in pain and fury, James noticed an ever-brightening  light melting a hole in the ice.  Too late, he thought, as he reached towards the light with the last of his strength


Word Count = 167

This story was inspired a bit by the book Dark Matter by Blake Crouch.

Thank you Goroyboy for the photo prompt.

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The Missing Piece

“Mère, I’m tired,” the little boy whined as he deliberately dragged his feet and kicked up dust around them. “When will we get there?”

Belle looked down at her son with loving hazel eyes, ruffled his soft red curly hair. “Ah, mon petite, why are you always in such a hurry? However, we are here.”

“But there are only some old steps and a signpost here.”

“Yes, that’s what it looks like, but you must climb the steps to find what we came here for.”

“There’s nothing at the top,” the boy argued.

Belle smiled indulgently and urged her son forward. “You’ll be surprised when you reach the top.”

Reluctantly, the boy stepped forward and began climbing the steps. Belle took one last look to make sure nobody was near and also began the climb. When they reached the top step a castle appeared before their eyes and the door swung open.

Belle put her hands on her son’s shoulders and said, “Prince Adam, may I introduce you to your son, Alexander.”

(172 words)

[NOTE: The premise for this story comes from the story of Beauty and the Beast. My story line is that Belle became pregnant soon after Prince Adam became himself again. Fearing that his son might suffer the same fate he did, Belle and Prince Adam agreed upon his son’s birth that Belle would leave the castle and raise him as a commoner until his 12th birthday. The castle was then hidden from the world by a magic spell until the day that Belle and his son returned. } 

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Thanks to J. S. Brand for the photo prompt.

Fall Memories


Thank you, Phylor, for providing this week’s photo prompt!

“Wow! The place hasn’t changed much in all these years.”

“I can’t believe our children are attending the same church camp where we met. Come on, let’s take a walk while the kids get settled in.”

The couple stepped out of the car, joined hands and started strolling across the grounds. “Do you think you can remember which cabin you were in?” she asked as she shivered from a cool breeze.

“Of course, I can. It was Aspen Cottage. How about you?”

“What!? You don’t remember meeting behind Redwood Cottage?” she laughed.

“You bet I do.” He growled as he turned her towards him and leaned in for a kiss.

“EWWWW! Mom! Dad! Do you have to do the mushy stuff here?!?” Two young voices chorused behind them.

The couple grinned at each other and turned to greet the results of their love that began so many years ago under autumn leaves.

(161 words) Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

FFfAW #78 – Blue Daze

FFfAW #78

Thanks to TJ Paris for this week’s photo prompt.

Lila looked around her little apartment above the coffee shop. It was a beautiful space, made for entertaining, but what good was it to have such a space when she was working 60-70 hours a week and didn’t have time to entertain?

I’ve got to make a change and get out of this rut, but where do I start? With a sigh, she picked up her briefcase and handbag, locked the door and started walking down the stairs. She was still thinking about her options when she reached the bottom of the stairs and automatically turned left towards the bus stop.

She didn’t hear the creaking as the sign above came loose from its moorings. Nor did she hear the voice that yelled, “Watch out!” She suddenly found herself flying through the air just as the sign hit the pavement.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she yelled, just as she looked up into a pair of clear blue eyes and her world changed.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Butt …

Photo prompt provided by Yinglan. Thank you, Yinglan!

Photo prompt provided by Yinglan. Thank you, Yinglan!

“I’m telling you, I know for sure they’re out of town for the weekend.”

“But … ”

“The dogs are sweethearts and they’re outside.”

“But … ”

“Nobody is going to see us way out here.”

“But … ”

“There’s no alarm system.”

“But … ”

“Just shut up and help me carry out this flat screen.”


“Phew! Honey, I love your family but I’m glad this weekend is over.” Anna said. Just then she heard the flap of the doggie door and her hands were full of dog in a flash. “Hey, Lucy, did you miss us? What have you got?”

“Ken, you better check to see if you have any torn jeans, Lucy has the back pocket from a pair.”

“Anna, you better come in here,” Ken said from the den. Anna walked in to see him standing over the shattered TV. “I think Lucy took a bite out of a burglar.”

Lucy was happily gnawing on a ham bone while the cops wrote up the report.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

FFfAW #68 – The Pigeon Lady

I don’t often have an opportunity to write a piece of flash fiction using a picture I provided. Thanks to Priceless Joy for providing the forum.

FFfAW #68

“What are you looking at?” his assistant asked as she placed a folder on his desk.

Lane lowered the binoculars he was holding and glanced at the folder. “Just an old woman feeding pigeons. Is that the detective’s report?”

“Yes, but it was money down the drain again. This detective at least said your birth mother did immigrate to the States the same year you were born, but five years later she just dropped off the map; no marriage certificate, death certificate, name change, or even a missing person report. She just vanished.”

“Okay,” Lane signed.

“Do you want me to hire another detective?”

“Not right now. We better get down to the boardroom for the shareholders meeting.”

 * * *

The elderly woman tossed the pigeons one last handful of seeds as she stood up to leave. I wonder if he’s gotten the detective’s report yet? He’s grown into such a strong, handsome man. I’m sorry, son, but I won’t let my husband’s enemies take you away from me again.

FFftAW #57 – Blaster

FFfAW #55 - Soldier Dog

What happened? Where am I? Where’s Blaster?

Ashton tried to sit up but something had him pinned down. He could hear noises, but his ears were ringing so loud he couldn’t make them out. As the ringing subsided, he was able to discern one sound in particular and everything flooded back into his memory.

He and Blaster had almost finished checking buildings in the village when Blaster started pulling hard on his leash. Ashton took three steps in response and then the world went black.

“Over here!” someone shouted. Then many hands were digging frantically to get him out of the rubble and lift him onto a stretcher to be airlifted to the hospital in Kandahar.

A month later, Blaster was working with another soldier when he suddenly stopped, yanked the leash from the soldier’s hand, and took off. As the breathless soldier turned the corner of a building, he saw Ashton kneeling with his head bowed to Blaster’s whispering, “Thank you for saving my life, boy.”

This is my 168 word story for the 57th Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, hosted by PricelessJoy. Each week we are given a photo prompt for creating our stories in approximately 75-175 words. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate.

Thanks to Pixabay.com for this week’s photo prompt.

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