JusJoJan – 1/18/18 – How Revolting!

You know that old joke about being on a seafood diet: I see food and I eat it? That is not the case for everything for me. I am particularly partial to lasagna and chicken ‘n’ dumplings. But the following foods are so revolting to me that I cannot abide even attempting them.

  1. Liver and onions
  2. Mushrooms (texture issue and past food poisoning event)
  3. Oysters (texture issue)
  4. Eggplant
  5. Fried chicken livers
  6. Sucking the meat out of a crawfish head
  7. Fresh Parmesan (I got burned on this when I ordered nachos in a club owned and operated by a Greek; yep, they were made with Parmesan. Soooo gross!)

Of course, there are other things in life I find revolting (i.e. Donald Trump), but if I get started on that list I may never stop. ūüôā I joke,¬†but honestly, I’m an easygoing person who doesn’t offend as easily as I once did – the advantage of years of experience, I guess.

Written as part of Linda G. Hill’s Just Jot It January challenge. Thanks to Sandra¬† [https://whatsandrathinks.com/] for today’s prompt.

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JusJoJan & One-Liner Wednesday – 1/17/18

Somebody needs to tell Winter Storm Inga that she has worn out her welcome.

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JusJoJan – 1/15/18 – Justice For All?

When I chose the word justice as my topic it was just a flash-in-the-pan moment. And when I was given today as the day to use it, I didn’t even think about the significance of the day beyond it being the middle of the month. But today is the MLK Day holiday for federal, state and city employees everywhere in the U.S. So what better day to write on this topic?

The primary definition of justice as found in a legal dictionary is “. . . a scheme or system of law in which every person receives his/her/its due from the system, including all rights, both natural and legal”. However, justice is often denied when attorneys and judges get caught up in procedure rather than in achieving justice for all. The adage “justice delayed is justice denied” applies to the burdensome procedures, lack of sufficient courts, and the use of the courts to settle matters which could/should have been resolved by negotiation. Factor in the disparity between court privileges obtained by attorneys for the wealthy and not for people of modest or no means, the use of delay tactics and veritable blizzards of motions and other unnecessary paper by large law firms, and judges who fail to cut through the underbrush of all the procedures, and justice for all is eroded. In addition, oftentimes, a judge’s personal bias plays a role in the outcome of a trial.

Martin Luther King’s killer was punished by the system and justice was served. In fact. James Earl Ray confessed to the crime to escape a trial, which would have put him at risk of receiving the death penalty. He was given life in prison, of which he served 29 years before dying of Hepatitis C. And while it’s nice to know there was one less person out there to murder or otherwise injure someone else, it does not bring back MLK to his family; it does not mitigate what the world lost by his death.

How often have we seen scenes like this during riots in the last few years that purport to be in the name of justice because of police brutality after the police officers were acquitted by the court system? And not just in the U.S. In February of 2017, riots broke out in Paris in protest of police brutality when the police officers who beat and sodomized a young black man were acquitted, even though it was on video. Just last week, riots broke out in Pakistan when the body of a 7-year-old girl was found in a trash heap after being kidnapped, raped and strangled. Pakistanis felt that the police have not done enough to stop a string of such killings.

Will these riots change anything? Maybe, maybe not. Also on video was the beating of Rodney King by Los Angeles police in 1995; the police officers were acquitted. Almost 26 years after those riots, the Los Angeles police system hasn’t changed very much. Police brutality there is still rampant, as it is in Baltimore (2015 riots protesting the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police) and so many other cities around the world.

Riots are not the only way that justice is sought for those harmed or killed by anyone, regardless of race, sex or religion. What do individuals do when justice is not meted out by the system? More often than we will probably ever know, the victim of a crime or the loved ones of a rape or murder victim will take it upon themselves to mete out justice by injury, humiliation or other means of harm, including murder. But that isn’t justice, it’s vengeance.

Sorry I’m posting this so late, it’s been a crazy day and I’m trying to catch up to myself. [And right at this moment I’m cussing myself for trying to do something new here, failing and costing me time.]

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JusJoJan – 1/4/18 – Passionate

I often find it interesting what people get passionate about. I’ve seen people get into loud verbal fights over a topic they’re each passionate about, heard of fisticuffs over the same, and all too frequently murder (manslaughter) because someone is so passionate about something they believe they are the only one who is right.

I’m not saying I don’t get passionate about some things, but I’m always willing to listen to the other party’s views. I think sometimes it infuriates people that I do that because I refuse to get in a fight, especially over politics or religion. Sadly, I’ve had people unfriendly me on Facebook because they don’t agree with my stance on a political issue. *Shrug* Their choice.

I do get passionate about my Dallas Cowboys. I have my favorite players, of course, and when they are out of the playoffs (as they are this year) or not in the Superbowl (been too long) as far as I’m concerned football season is over. I’m a true diehard fan, win or lose. But let a troll start bashing my ‘Boys and I’ll wade right in – up to a point. Even then, I acknowledge when I’m helping them achieve their goal of stirring up trouble and I disengage.

JusJoJan – 1/1/18 – Drama

“Drama? I don’t need no stinkin’ drama!”

Actually, the only “drama”¬† I’ve had in my life lately is the upper respiratory and sinus infections I’ve been battling since a couple of days before Christmas Eve. I’m still just a little muzzy-headed and have a rough voice, but I’m determined to get back in the swing of things with my blog, starting with JusJoJan.

In general, I don’t have much tolerance for drama other than what is in movies and on TV. I don’t know if that’s because of my hardscrabble country upbringing, but I just have never been able to stand being around people who, to me, are so desperate for attention that they create drama out of everything.

Anathema for SoCS and JusJoJan – 1/30/2016

Aging truly is anathema to me. I hate the way my body is falling apart, the way my faculties are fading, and the fact that a large part of society in America has little to no appreciation for senior citizens and their knowledge. For example: My brother-in-law is three years older than me, my sister three younger. Both of them, especially Mike, can work circles around the younger people at the store where they work. Yet their boss – TM, himself in his mid-50s, has been overheard stating that he wanted to “get rid of the old people.” He has done everything he can to try to make them leave, including cutting their hours and Mike’s salary (from salaried to hourly and he lost more than $6/hour). TM knows he doesn’t have any legal standing to fire either or both of them.

Okay, rant over. This is a stream of consciousness post and that’s what hit my mind first.

While I know how to use the word properly, I decided for the heck of it to see what the dictionary said about it. (Any time I Google something I can get lost in the stream of information if I’m not careful because of my curiosity.) The simple definition of anathema is a person or thing detested or loathed — such as garlic is anathema to vampires. Additional definitions are: a person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction [vampires again] or a formal ecclesiastical curse involving excommunication.

I discovered that anathema is also the name of a British rock band. After listening to some of their “music” on YouTube, that is something else that is anathema to me. Give me that old-fashioned rock and roll.

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Ending Up in an Unexpected Place

When I was a teenager, my mother worked in nursing homes. One of those nursing homes was near Floydada High School, which had, to me, an odd system of quarterly and final exams. The exams lasted two hours and were staggered for different classes over several days. Kids with a grade average in a class of A or A+ were exempt from the exam for that class, which gave them two free hours to do as they pleased.

Not many teenagers had cars back then so those two hours were usually spent in the library, a study hall or just goofing around outside. Since the nursing home where mother  worked was only a couple of blocks from the school, when I had those two prized hours free I would go to the nursing home and read to the residents.

Because of my exposure to those residents, I gained an understanding-I thought-of what it was like to age. I became a defender of senior citizens when I saw them being harassed on the bus, a helper when needed while shopping, an advocate to teach others what it was like to age and have vision and health issues.

About four years ago I was talking to a co-worker about this advocacy for the care and well-being of senior citizens. I remember starting to tell her that I would always have a soft spot for seniors. Then it hit me — I am now a senior citizen.

How odd that I would reach this stage of my life feeling that there was nobody to advocate for me.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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