SoCS – Awkward!

Many years ago, I became best friends with my new roommate at the YWCA where we lived. We had some hilarious times playing card games, double dating and just generally being silly. We had a simple routine for getting ready in the morning as she had to arrive at her job 30 minutes before I did mine.

Then there was a very awkward moment – for her, not me – when I caught her in a lie. Sherri, her boyfriend, my boyfriend, and I comprised one team on a bowling league. We had been bowling together every week at the same time, plus practice, so when she and her boyfriend didn’t show up one night I got worried.

When I got back to the YWCA, Sherri was in our room and when I asked her what happened she acted surprised and said they forgot. Too bad for her, she didn’t tell her boyfriend in advance what to say. The two guys were buds and her boyfriend told mine that they just decided to blow it off that night and went to a movie.

Needless to say, I was hurt and furious that she lied to me. When I confronted her about the lie she started crying and said, “I don’t know why I lied. I should know better because I always get caught.”

No, it wasn’t the end of our friendship, but things were just a bit awkward for a few days and it took a little while for her to earn my trust again.


Written for Stream of Conciousness Saturday (#SoCS). Thank you, Joey of Joeyfully Stated for hosting in Linda’s absence.


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