To post or not to post….

This spoke to my heart and soul.

Nuggets of Gold

You know the times you write things and you look at them and think should I really post this, or should I not. Well that is what this one is, and after I write it here I may delete it with a click of a button, but than again I may not. Whichever decision I make ,hopefully it is the right one!

I feel at one time or another everyone can probably identify with what i am going to say. Varying degrees, but similar emotions. So if you are dealing with this right now, I hope this brings you some solace in knowing you aren’t alone. Amidst this pain remember the GOLD NUGGETS are out there! Sometimes we just need to look harder to find them!


B-Black and Blue on the inside- Broken wings

E-Earnestly trying to focus on the good instead of the bad. Trying not to let…

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