FFfAW #68 – The Pigeon Lady

I don’t often have an opportunity to write a piece of flash fiction using a picture I provided. Thanks to Priceless Joy for providing the forum.

FFfAW #68

“What are you looking at?” his assistant asked as she placed a folder on his desk.

Lane lowered the binoculars he was holding and glanced at the folder. “Just an old woman feeding pigeons. Is that the detective’s report?”

“Yes, but it was money down the drain again. This detective at least said your birth mother did immigrate to the States the same year you were born, but five years later she just dropped off the map; no marriage certificate, death certificate, name change, or even a missing person report. She just vanished.”

“Okay,” Lane signed.

“Do you want me to hire another detective?”

“Not right now. We better get down to the boardroom for the shareholders meeting.”

 * * *

The elderly woman tossed the pigeons one last handful of seeds as she stood up to leave. I wonder if he’s gotten the detective’s report yet? He’s grown into such a strong, handsome man. I’m sorry, son, but I won’t let my husband’s enemies take you away from me again.

19 thoughts on “FFfAW #68 – The Pigeon Lady

  1. Wonderful Barb! She is protecting her son. ❤ Love it! Thank you so much for providing this beautiful photo for our photo prompt this week! I noticed you haven't linked your story to the story board yet. Are you having problems linking?

    Liked by 1 person

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